Browser Requirements and Display Troubleshooting

    I. Browser Requirements
    II. XHTML Display
    III. Math Equation (LatexMathML) Display

I. Browser Requirements

This website is optimized for use with Mozilla-type browsers, and a current version of your favorite Mozilla browser is highly recommended over Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Minimum version requirements are as follows:

II. XHTML Display

Some browsers (notably including Internet Explorer) do not handle the XHTML mime type properly. Internet Explorer version 6 or later may give a passable display of this site, but for proper XHTML formatting another browser is highly recommended.

XHTML test: The browser you are using now does support the XHTML mime type.

III. Math Equation (LatexMathML) Display

Some of the courses on this website use LatexMathML to display math equations. This should work with most modern browsers and operating systems.

Netscape 7+, Mozilla and Firefox should automatically be able to display math, but you should install the MathML Fonts (STIX, Computer Modern and Mathematica), for the best quality display.

Internet Explorer 6+ requires the free MathPlayer Plugin (which will install its own fonts).

Review the tests below to see if this display is working properly, and if there are any problems see below for how to handle them.

Display Tests Graphic representation
(roughly how it should look)
LatexMathML code: $\displaystyle{\sum_{n=1}^{+\infty} \frac{1}{n^2}=\frac{\pi^2}{6}}$
Font Test 1: $\biguplus \quad \bigsqcup \quad \bigsqcap$
Font Test 2:
$\sqrt4 \quad \root32$
$\bigoplus \quad \bigotimes \quad d''''$
Font Test 3: $\overbracket{a+b+\cdots+z}^{26}$
Font Test 4: $\quad \mathbb{A} \quad \mathfrak{B} \quad \mathcal{C}$

If the LatexMathML code does not display, check the following:

Font Tests:

For a more thorough check, compare the LaTeXMathML Guide Page to the PDF version of the same.

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