ChE: Define and give examples of a process (or ChE process)

So you want to become a Chemical Engineer (ChE)...

What am I getting myself into?

No well accepted definition of what a chemical engineer is, because people who call themselves ChE's do so many things!

Let's try anyway...


A ChE is a person who: (1) develops or designs a new process or product; (2) re-designs, improves, or troubleshoots a process/product, in order that it is accomplished as economically, safely, and efficiently as possible.

But this is so general?!

Ok, so what do we mean by "process"?

Again, we will start with something general (because how else can we cover this broad field):


A process is any operation (or group of operations) which allow something to be accomplished.

For most ChEs, we can be slightly more specific:


A chemical engineering process is a process that takes one material or bit of energy (or a combination) and makes from it another material or bit of energy (or combination).


Define and give examples of a process (or ChE process)


Give some examples of "processes" from everyday life. Name a ChE process.


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