BPF: Flowchart Example 1

Flowchart Example

From the following process description draw a flowchart that concisely summarizes each stage of the process (properly labeling all streams and species within those streams)

An important, naturally-occurring chemical, A, is to be removed from its ore (composed of A and various insoluble other junk). 100 kg/hr of ore is fed to a dissolution tank where it is mixed with a stream of pure water, W, and a recycle stream. The tank is heated to 90C so that all of the A (but none of the other junk, J) dissolves, forming a saturated solution. The material exits the tank and is sent to a filter (separator) where all of the junk and a small portion of the (still saturated) solution is removed. Finally the remaining solution is fed to a crystallizer where it is cooled to 25C in order to form some solid As which is shipped off to be packaged and sold (some filtrate also leaves with the solid). The remaining filtrate, now saturated at 25C is recycled to the dissolution tank.

Upon analyzing the products from the filter and crystallizer, it is determined that the waste stream from the filter contains 40.0kg/hr of junk (J), 12 kg/hr of A, and 4 kg/hr of water (W) and that the final product stream from the crystallizer contains 42 kg/hr As, 6 kg/hr Aaq, and 6 kg/hr W.



Draw and label a flowchart from a process description


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