BBF: Another Flowchart Example

Flowchart Example

From the following process description draw a flowchart that concisely summarizes each stage of the process (properly labeling all streams and species within those streams)

A distillation column is a device used to separate liquids of differing volatilities. The mixture is fed to the column and the more volatile material comes out as the "overhead" stream while the less volatile material comes out as the "bottoms".

In separating a three liquid system, one method is to use two distillation columns in series.

A mixture of three components A, B, and C are fed to a distillation column in equal amounts by mass at a rate og 100 kg/s. The overhead stream contains no C and all of the A (which comprises roughly 95 mass % of this stream's total flow). The bottom stream, flowing at 35 kg/s, is fed to a second column to separate B from C. The overhead from the second column contains essentially all B and the bottoms is roughly 5 mass % B.