NRB: Multi-unit Example (cont.)

Multi-Unit Process Example (cont.)

If you had correctly drawn the flowchart, you would have obtained the image below. If not, why not try again?

The next step in doing the material balance is to choose a subsystem to analyze. Let's try that together below.

To define your subsystem simply click in the area below to signify the vertices of your subsystem "box" (a closed shape containing all the process units you would like to include in your subsystem) and then click "Analyze the Subsytem".

Now that a subsystem is defined, you need to determine whether it (by itself) is solvable! simple fill in the blanks to answer the questions below in order to determine this.


How many Unknowns are there?
How many different Species (material balances) are there?
How many Process Specifications are we given?
How many Physical Constraints are there?
The total number of Degrees of Freedom is