ChE: Identify a valid flowchart for a given process description

Flowchart Exercise

Recall the ethylene oxide example from two lessons ago:


Ethylene Oxide is an important industrial chemical intermediate. A fellow in the chemistry division of your company tells you that reacting ethylene with air will produce this product. It's now your job to figure out how to do this on the production scale.

After extensive testing, your design team has come up with a process to fulfill this need and submits it for your approval. As the first step in analyzing their creation, you draw a flowchart of the proposed process. Label as many streams (known and unknown) as possible.

Based on pilot-scale reaction data the design team has determined the following:


Given the following process description, choose (click) the appropriate flowchart.

option 1
option 2

From this example you see that there are several necessary components in a valid flowchart:


Identify a valid flowchart for a given process